Northants Club History

The TVR Car Club for the Northants region was started on April 11th 1985 by Russ and Carol meeting at the Green Dragon in Higham Ferrers. The club then tried out various venues in the local area including Irchester, Lavendon and Yardley Hastings.

The club was then taken over by David and his wife Faith assisted by Julian and at the same time the venue moved again The Red Lion at Brafield on the Green. Unfortunately the club numbers dwindled until new members Eddie and Mary joined. At the same time a vote was required to elect a new regional organiser and Ian and Carl lined up the next new members for the position – cue Dennis and Dawn!

Dennis and Dawn worked really hard to increase the club membership and introduce new activities. Dennis continued to run the club at Brafield on the Green followed by a short spell at The Queen Eleanor and The Turnpike at Harpole before moving to the current venue of The Aviator at Sywell.

Dennis continued in the role of regional organiser for 7 years before handing over the baton to Mike assisted by Sara. The club has continued to grow in size attracting members to the monthly meetings, regular activities and one off events. If would like to know more about the club’s history then John Davies is your man as he is possibly the only original member!

Kelly Sanders
Regional Organiser

My TVR story started back in 2005 when my now husband went to Le Mans for the first time with a group of friends, he was driving a Volvo and they were driving TVR’s. This was also at the same time that he was approaching a big birthday and I had in my mind a cunning plan to surprise him with a motorbike having had one some years previously. On his return from Le Mans I was greeted with those immortal words – I want a TVR! Quick rethink, bike plan scraped, the hunt was on for a TVR.

I emailed the TVR Car Club Northants regional organiser Dennis who invited us to the next meeting where he said people would be more than happy to take us for a ride in their cars. As we sat inside The Turnpike waiting for the meet to start we heard more and more noise and knew when to move outside. From the outset the club members were incredibly welcoming and Dennis immediately came over to chat and set about arranging for us to go out in the different cars. Dennis himself very kindly offered to take me out and we both know that was a ride that I have never forgotten! And you always say Ashley drives fast!

At the time we were looking for either a Griffith or Chimera with Ashley’s heart really being set on a Griffith. The only criteria was not red! With the help of Rob Ingleby and having travelled the country looking at mainly Chimeras we arrived at a farm in Woburn to view a red Griffith. As soon as the engine was started I knew the search was over and it could have been pink with yellow polka dots - this was going to be our TVR. In the recent words of Dennis in an email to me “It's amazing what a drive in a Tuscan has done for you, just a few years ago - 2 TVR's, strange friends and NOW RO”.

Dennis couldn’t be more right. We have never looked back since buying a TVR and joining the club. We have met some wonderful people, made some fantastic friends and enjoyed lots of events and activities. In January 2012 we went on to buy a Tuscan although we would never part with the Griff!

We enjoy all car and bike related activities and the opportunity to meet new people and share ideas. We will try (almost) anything once!



Sara Dobbs
Deputy Regional Organiser

My TVR story started when my partner Jez was looking for a sports car for his midlife birthday. The final decision was between a Mustang and a TVR. The latter was decided on due to the Mustang being too wide and long to fit in the garden and the garden had to be redesigned in any case for the TVR to fit!
Jez originally wanted an S preferably a V8 and he spotted one for sale at a dealers. We went over to see it but it had already been sold. Then Jez saw the Tasmin, went for a test drive and 10 years later she is still ours.
We joined the Northants club shortly afterwards and were given a warm welcome by everyone. It was suggested that I stand for RO but luckily Mike stepped up and I am quite happy being the deputy (at least I have someone to blame if it all goes pear shaped). I enjoy organising the food runs and hope to see many of you joining us in the future.